I guess Starbucks will have to learn ro stop fucking up my name the hard way. I really hope you enjoyed serving Hard Dick.

11 hours ago

Oh @lupefiasco retweeted me. I’m cool

14 hours ago

Lol I haven’t listened to the radio in so long, but I’m sure I’d have the same reaction of I did. Good shit @lupefiasco

6 days ago

Why I hate the 91 freeway with a passion. 2 hours for 18 minutes wtf

1 week ago

#WCW 🔥🔥🔥 @zeenasty

2 weeks ago

Me today

3 weeks ago

My life for the next 16 weeks. #NoDaysOff #PreMed

4 weeks ago

Killed the shirt & tie game at my interview today. #SuitAndTie #FlyLife #Spiffed

1 month ago

#IceBucketChallenge I donated too! And John did it too cuz I challenged him. Thanks for challenging me @ahmad_yasin01. @zeenasty you’re next, along with the first two people who see this video. Have fun freezing!

1 month ago

Noooooooo lockout plssssss. #SadDays #SadUsmanIsSad #NBALockout

1 month ago